STI Certified Electronics and Man Yue / Samxon Sign Distribution Agreement

Fremont, CA  July 1, 2013 

Electronic Components Distributor, STI Certified Electronics Inc., recognized by design engineers as having a broad product portfolio and excellent design support and Samxon Electronic Components Ltd., a Hong Kong based manufacturing and sales Company supplying Capacitors and other innovative electrical components, have signed a Distribution Agreement for North America.

“The Samxon brand  including Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (E-Caps), Electric Double-layer Capacitors (EDLC),  Power Film Capacitors and X-Con brand Conductive Polymer Aluminum Capacitors (Polymer Caps)  hit a sweet spot of the consumer electronics, telecom equipment, computers, industrial, medical and automobile  market,” said Jim Panfil, STI Certified Electronics, Vice  President of Business Development. “The Samxon and X-Con products are a great addition to our offering of electronic components.” He added.

The Man Yue Group offers a full range of E-Caps products which satisfy the needs of its global customers, consisting mainly of the world’s leading information technology, telecommunications, electrical and electronic brands. “Man Yue has the capacity to produce over one Billion Capacitor devices per month in our state-of-the-art E-Caps manufacturing facilities located in Dongguan and Wuxi, China.” said Stanley Wong, Executive Director of Man Yue Technology Holdings Ltd. “We are pleased to add STI Certified Electronics, as our North America Distributor of E-Caps and Polymer Caps. They have a design win focus and can support our customers’ design and production requirements in North America.” He added.

Samxon and X-Con Capacitor products are available for purchase now from STI Certified Electronics.

About STI Certified Electronics Inc.

STI Certified Electronics is a member of the STI Certified Group founded in California in 1988. We are an approved supplier to a growing number of the world’s largest electrical equipment manufacturers. We are a Franchised Distributor of electronic solutions. Our business model is to focus on innovative products and the markets that need them. Each product on our line card was selected because it meets the needs of the markets we serve.

About Man Yue Technology Group

The Man Yue Technology Group is headquartered in Hong Kong. As the key manufacturer of E-Caps and the fourth largest manufacturer of Polymer Caps, the Group owns the renowned SAMXON® and X-CON® brands, both respected for their advanced technology and superior quality, backed by the Group’s strong R&D capabilities and established global network.