Value Added Services

STI Certified Electronics is your Global Full Service component supplier. We are an approved vendor to the largest OEM’s and Contract Manufacturers in the world and have built long-term partnerships with customers of all sizes. If you need hard to find components, STI can find the parts you need from the most reliable suppliers in the industry.

STI Certified Electronics has been serving the electronics industry for over 25 years. We have earned a reputation for providing excellent service, sourcing product, and on time deliveries. Our commitment to servicing the customer’s entire bill of materials is a competitive advantage. We built relationships with major manufacturers allowing us to provide our customers quality service and competitive prices.

Additionally, we are a franchised distributor of a broad cross section of Integrated Circuits used in a wide variety of electronic systems.  Our highly qualified sales team is motivated to service customers’ needs. Our procurement staff is focused on building strong supplier relationships to ensure our customer’s quality compliance objectives are met.

Global Sourcing Network

We work for you 24 hours a Day around the globe, bringing you access to inventory of hard to find components at the best price. Our internal Global Procurement System is able to locate excess inventory in supplier’s stock real time, no matter where they are located in the world. This allows our team to search for stock and reply with price and availability information in a timely manner regardless of where our supplier is located.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

VMI allows our clients the liberty to keep their inventory off the books and still own it 100%. When material needs to be reserved for you, whether it is at your facility or in ours, STI Certified Electronics can design a solution to meet your needs. Bonded, Consigned and Proximity Inventory are all options customers can consider. These options provide you with inventory maintained either in your facility or ours, and controlled and owned by STI Certified Electronics until you need it.

 Manage and Market End-of-Life, Excess & Obsolete Inventory

With no upfront cost to our clients, STI will evaluate the current inventory situation of our client and can custom-tailor a program that best works for them.  We will sort and identify your bulk inventory from one or multiple locations.  This approach reduces the expense of liquidating excess inventory and turns excess assets into cash fast! We will help clients achieve a higher value by selling excess inventory at the market price.  Your inventory is matched against our customers BOM requirements.  while you retain 100% control and ownership.

Consolidated Procurement and Logistic Program

This program is particularly valuable for clients with several locations for prototype (NPI) or repair projects carried out in more than one location or in multiple geographies including managed production facilities or out-sourced factories. This consolidation service reduces duplicate buys at different locations. Our services greatly reduce client’s overhead and organizational expense.

Maquila or Bonded Warehousing Program

We have a Maquila Warehouse in Mexico plus IMMEX permits for Pedimento transactions. Additionally we have a bonded warehouse in China.  These facilities and capability help clients from around the world to do business in Mexico and China in a more efficient manner, which helps their Bottom Line.

Logistic Services

STI will handle all aspects of worldwide logistics for our clients from our three Warehouses.  A fourth warehouse is in plan to help connect our clients to manufacturing resources arround the world. Leave it to STI Certified Electronics to handle all your logistic needs.

Material Management

STI’s Full Service approach handles our clients every need. From Material buying, allocating material, selling off material to warehousing material needs. STI is ready to manage your companies material needs.

These are only a few of the services that we offer here at STI Certified Electronics. Let us know your situation and our professional international staff will be able to tailor a program that will bring you the best economic return.

Please contact us on any one of these topics.

STI Certified Electronics is ready to start a project for you today!