A-Crystal Electronic Technology

Specializes in

  • Quartz Crystals
  • Crystal Oscillators
  • Real Time Clocks
  • Ceramic Resonators
  • Saw Filters

Founded in 2003, with the vision of becoming a top tier manufacturer, with excellent Sales and Application Engineering support, A-Crystal Electronic Technology has grown to become one of the most experienced manufacturers of frequency control products in the world. From cylindrical tuning fork crystals to high stability oscillators we offer a comprehensive portfolio of frequency control devices. A-Crystal Electronic Technology’s commitment to research and development puts the Company at the leading edge of crystal oscillator and filtering technologies. Today, A-Crystal provides high performance and reliable frequency control solutions that meet or exceed customer quality, price and availability expectations. 

A-Crystal offers a broad product line servicing commercial, industrial, consumer and Automotive markets. We offer a wide selection of Quartz Crystals, Crystal Oscillators, Real Time Clocks, Ceramic Resonators and SAW Filters. The Company is ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified and the staff  is dedicated to servicing a worldwide customer base. The dedication and commitment of the entire organization to quality allowed A-Crystal to enjoy uninterrupted growth in revenue. A-Crystal is your partner for high quality frequency control products which are offered through our Global Distribution Network.